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The Deaf Experience, Deaf Expression (DXDX) Project aims to share the social, linguistic, relational, and educational experiences of d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing people from their own perspectives. Our growing collection of video interviews in speech and sign language will become an educational resource for parents, teachers, and health care professionals as they make decisions about assistive devices, speech therapy, sign language, and school options for young children with hearing loss. Our participants' stories provide missing information for families about the effects of early choices on their children’s quality of life -- and reassurance that there is more than one path to success. 

We are currently interviewing adults and kids age 10+ with hearing loss, parents and siblings of people with hearing loss, and related professionals (interpreters, audiologists, teachers of the Deaf, etc.). If you are interested, please check the Updates tab or contact us at sophonlab@okstate.edu.  


Student Corner

Want to get involved? You can volunteer in the lab or work on DXDX for honors or research credit. There are a variety of tasks and ways to contribute. Browse the Student Corner on the SoPhon Lab DXDX project page and email Dr. Freeman if you're interested.

Latest updates

Latest updates